La invasión de los cambiantes
Invasion of the Changers

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  • Content Areas: Travel & Transportation, Science Fiction
  • Recommended for: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Cost: Free (Ad-free)
  • Publisher: Centro de educación vial (CEV)
  • Location: Sevilla, Spain

In this game aliens have invaded Seville and have hypnotized everyone but two children (one of which you play as). The aliens are changing the street signs all around, and your task is to help all everyone learn how to correctly move about the city before somebody gets hurt. The game has you complete a number of mini-games in Spanish some of which require transportation knowledge, some which do not. While some of the instructions may be challenging for beginning students, overall you should be able to handle most of the mini-games. Games may require you to produce or recognize vocabulary in this subject area.

Note: The Minijuegos (mini-games) from La invasion de los cambiantes and Paseo por Sevilla are also available to play separately from the games themselves. They can be accessed at the bottom of the Aprende jugando page.

Paseo por Sevilla Mini-juegos Screenshot

Source: Game found via Aprende educación vial mientras evitas una invasión alienígena. Alejandro, Omnium Games: The Game Journal. April 21, 2014. (

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